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I love talking about gear. I am a card carrying introvert, but if you ask me about guitars, good luck escaping the conversation. 

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I am so honored to be endorsed by some of the most amazing products in the business.

A bit of a jokester personally, I take my gear game VERY seriously. I've spent many years experimenting with every piece of equipment I could get my hands on and I will only play the products I believe in. I proudly represent PRS guitars, Breedlove guitars, DR Strings, Carondelet Pickups, West Coast Pedalboards, and Steve Clayton custom guitar picks.

I am also partnered with several other amazing brands as I chase tone and refine my sound. Feel free to ask questions - I am eternally curious and love to talk shop.

Below you'll find a curated collection of news features, announcements, interviews, etc. 


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Breedlove Guitars

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It is my distinct honor to announce that I am officially endorsed by Breedlove Guitars!  

My Breedlove acoustics have been a crucial part of my journey through life in ways that transcend music, so I am humbled (and extremely grateful!) to be included in this talented family!


Endorsement Announcement

We're exciterd to announce a new member of the DR Family! PA based guitarist Sarah Sheriff says, "Whether playing acoustic or electric, DR delivers consistent clarity and richness through hours of practice/ performance — even when subjected to my sweat, err, sparkle!

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Carondelete Pickups

Endorsement Announcement

I’ve been officially added to the Carondelet Guitar and Bass Pickups artist family!! From country to rock to praise and worship, I need a broad palette of tones from which to choose. Jeff and his team have been critical in bringing to life the sonic textures I chase, and I am so thrilled to be officially partnering with them! Stay tuned for some killer content as we tweak, test and refine some amazing products. Until then, check out the great work at