They call me "The Sheriff."

Greetings, I'm Sarah. I'm a central PA based guitarist, marketing professional, fitness junkie, and dog mom. 


I've been playing close to 30 years and am completely obsessed with all things guitar; playing, buying, selling, trading, and most importantly LEARNING.

I am a student of the Marty Stuart way of living. Throughout the week, you can find me launching off of a drum riser and playing at volumes your iPhone will warn you against. On Sunday mornings, I humble myself at church with massive reverb trails and a grateful heart.

I am so honored to be endorsed by PRSBreedlove Guitars, DR Strings, and Carondelet Pickups. I am also partnered with several other amazing brands as I chase tone and refine my sound.

Marketing professional

By day, I'm the director of online marketing at a private liberal arts institution. A blend of left and right brain, I can create a clean, well balanced designs as well as the analytics reports to prove tangible ROI.

I'm endlessly curious and I'm rarely still. 


Electric Rig

A few of my "go to" guitars:

  • Mario Martin T-Style, T-Lux, Honcho
  • PRS 594 (and 594 semi-hollow)
  • PRS Paul's Guitar
  • PRS Core Starla
  • PRS Silver Sky
  • PRS Hollowbody II w/ piezo
  • PRS Cu22 (and Semi-Hollow)
  • PRS Special 22 Lt Ed.
  • PRS Mira
  • PRS Custom 22 Triple Soapbar
  • Knaggs Kenai
  • Whitfill T-Style
  • Fender Custom Shop Tele
  • Fender Custom Shop '56 RI Strat
  • Gibson Standard and R8 LP
  • Gibson 335
  • Gretsch White Panther
  • 1957 Gibson LP Junior


  • West Coast Pedalboards
  • 3 Monkeys cables

Acoustic Rig 

Acoustic guitars:

  • Breedlove C25 Tone Test Acoustic 
  • Pro Series Limited Koa C25/KK 
  • Gibson J-165EC
  • Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton
  • PRS Angelus A10
  • PRS Hollowbody II w/ piezo

Acoustic Pedals

  • LR Baggs VoicePrint
  • LR Baggs Venue
  • TC Polytune
  •  Xotic
  • LR Baggs Align Reverb

Electric Gear

  • Kemper Powered Toaster
  • Kemper Stage
  • Lehle Volume
  • Mission Engineering Expression Pedal
  • Shure P3RA-G20
  • Shure P3T-G20
  • Shure SLXD14 



  • Kemper    
  • Mojotone Cabs

Kemper Profiles


  • DR Strings   
  • Souldier Straps  
  • Ceci Ruiz Straps   
  • Lava Cables 
  • Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro IEMs 
  • STOMP Bluetooth page turner
  • Clayton Custom guitar picks
  • Carondelet Pickups
DR Strings






News, Announcements & Features

It's always such an honor to be recognized for the blood sweat and tears we musicians pour into their craft. 

I've curated some of the announcements, news articles, interviews, and features in which I've had the privilege of being seen. 

If I'm honest, this flex is largely to show my parents the return on their investment into guitar lessons for their little girl. Thanks, Mom and Dad!