They call me "The Sheriff."

Greetings, I'm Sarah. I'm a central PA based guitarist, marketing professional, fitness junkie, and dog mom. 


I've been playing close to 30 years and am completely obsessed with all things guitar; playing, buying, selling, trading, and most importantly LEARNING.

I am a student of the Marty Stuart way of living. Throughout the week, you can find me launching off of a drum riser and playing at volumes your iPhone will warn you against. On Sunday mornings, I humble myself at church with massive reverb trails and a grateful heart.

I am so honored to be endorsed by PRSBreedlove Guitars, DR Strings, and Carondelet Pickups. I am also partnered with several other amazing brands as I chase tone and refine my sound.

Marketing professional

By day, I'm the director of online marketing at a private liberal arts institution. A blend of left and right brain, I can create a clean, well balanced designs as well as the analytics reports to prove tangible ROI.

I'm endlessly curious and I'm rarely still. 


Electric Rig

A few of my "go to" guitars:

  • Mario Martin T-Style
  • PRS 594 (and 594 semi-hollow)
  • PRS Paul's Guitar
  • PRS Core Starla
  • PRS Silver Sky
  • PRS Hollowbody II w/ piezo
  • PRS Cu22 (and Semi-Hollow)
  • PRS Special 22 Lt Ed.
  • PRS Mira
  • PRS Custom 22 Triple Soapbar
  • PRS S2 Gold Crackle
  • Whitfill T-Style
  • Fender Custom Shop Tele
  • Fender Custom Shop '56 RI Strat
  • Gibson Standard and R8 LP
  • Gibson 335
  • Gretsch White Panther
  • 1957 Gibson LP Junior


  • West Coast Pedalboards
  • 3 Monkeys cables

Acoustic Rig 

Acoustic guitars:

  • Breedlove C25 Tone Test Acoustic 
  • Pro Series Limited Koa C25/KK 
  • Gibson J-165EC
  • Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton
  • PRS Angelus A10
  • PRS Hollowbody II w/ piezo

Acoustic Pedals

  • LR Baggs VoicePrint
  • LR Baggs Venue
  • TC Polytune
  •  Xotic
  • LR Baggs Align Reverb

Electric Gear

  • Kemper Powered Toaster
  • Kemper Stage
  • Lehle Volume
  • Mission Engineering Expression Pedal
  • Shure P3RA-G20
  • Shure P3T-G20
  • Shure SLXD14 



  • Kemper    
  • Mojotone Cabs

Kemper Profiles


  • DR Strings   
  • Souldier Straps  
  • Ceci Ruiz Straps   
  • Lava Cables 
  • Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro IEMs 
  • STOMP Bluetooth page turner
  • Clayton Custom guitar picks
  • Carondelet Pickups

DR Strings




MojoZine Cover

Photo by Jason Delorenzo

Hang Time with Sarah Sheriff


"Here at Mojotone, as many of you know, we aim to celebrate hard-working techs, DIYers, and musicians as best we can. Today we're spending some time with Sarah Sheriff, a very hard-working guitarist who has been supporting Mojotone on social media and at gigs by rocking some serious speaker-cabinetry." - Logan Tabor

I recently chatted with the folks at Mojotone about all things music; from what inspired me to pick up a guitar, my journey through central Pennsylvania and beyond, what it's like to be a woman in this business and even my upcoming goals. 

It was an honor to hang with a company that not only makes killer gear but has top shelf staff and customer service. I HIGHLY recommend checking these guys out for anything from custom cabs, amps, speakers, pickups, guitar/pedal parts, and some awesome accessories.

Link: https://www.mojotone.com/blog/hang-time-with-sarah-sheriff

Coda Music Technologies

Featured Artist: Sarah Sheriff

June 27, 2022

I've been using the STOMP Bluetooth App Controller for almost a year. It's been a life saver!

Check out why and read a little more about me in an interview I re-posted from their Featured Artist email on June 27, 2022.

Check out the full interview over here!



Breedlove Guitars

Artist Page:


It is my distinct honor to announce that I am officially endorsed by Breedlove Guitars!  

My Breedlove acoustics have been a crucial part of my journey through life in ways that transcend music, so I am humbled (and extremely grateful!) to be included in this talented family!