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I'm hopelessly curious and always looking for an adventure.

Greetings. I'm Sarah. I am a web developer from Central PA. In addition to my freelance work, I served as webmaster for a state-wide public affairs TV network and am now the director of online marketing at a private liberal arts college. I love every step of the creative process from content creation through a fully polished product.

When my laptop is in standby mode, you'll find me in nature. I am a dedicated runner and also enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and even rock climbing. I geek out over vintage guitars and find comfort in playing my own.

What I do

Web Development

Whether a new site or redesign, I can bring your business to the next level on the web.


Live music, nature, abandoned structures, band photos, etc. Check out my Flickr page.

Making Noise

I play guitar. If I'm honest, it's kind of an obsession.


Not sure how to make your business stand out? Let's talk web presence and social media.


Web Development

Restaurant Presence
WordPress, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP
Portfolio Site
WordPress, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP
Portfolio Site
WordPress, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP
Portfolio Site
WordPress: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP
PCNtv pages
Corporate Web Presence
Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, mySQL, XML
Instagram screen shot
Social Media Consulting
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat

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